Female Orgasm and Living a Pleasurable Life

The information presented by the Welcomed Consensus is a product of 25 years of research and education in the area of Female Orgasm. The viewpoints we offer have the potential of making your life, your sex life and your relationships better.

We consider a good sex life to be one that is getting better, and this is available by adopting winning viewpoints. We live in a production oriented culture where our successes are measured by what we produce and this is our highest priority. This includes our sex lives, and influences the way we think about our relationships and orgasm. As much as we would like to believe we have escaped the influence of such conditioning, no one has, including ourselves.

You don't have to give anything up. The opportunity we have now is to become aware of our conditioning. Through this awareness, we can make new choices. As humans, we have more choices now than anytime in history. What we offer are viewpoints that allow people to win and to feel right about what they want and what they have. The beauty lies in that you don't have to get rid of the old viewpoints, we wouldn't want you to. "Whatever you resist persists" is a familiar saying, and it's true.

The viewpoints and training we make available on pleasurable relationships and Deliberate Orgasm are in addition to, something to be added onto, what you already know, feel, think and do.

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